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“When you can’t be… we will be… Here 4 You

SERVICES:  Here 4 You Home Watch performs regularly

  • Turn on water (unless requested left on with waiver signed)
  • Check condition of outside A/C condenser unit for any damage
  • Bring in newspapers, flyers and any packages as agreed with client
  • Collect mail from mailbox Separate first class take picture & forward if requested
  • Visually check pool pump & equipment for obvious issues (pool homes only)
  • Look for broken sprinkler heads
  • Check condition of lawn, shrubs and trees (send pictures of suspect areas)
  • Visually inspect lanai, pool cage or other screened in areas for tears or damage
  • Visual inspection of homes exterior by walking around the entire home
  • Look for broken windows or any other damage that would be caused by theft or vandalism
  • Check for unusual odors.
  • Check A/C settings and verify with picture of handheld hygrometer
  • Check A/C filters and replace as necessary (if provided by homeowner no charge)
  • Check air conditioner drain line for water leaks or blockage
  • Change out smoke detector or A/C controller batteries (if provided by owner no charge)
  • Visually check the ceilings, walls & floors for water, water stains or suspect growth
  • Check for signs of mold or insect, pest & rodent activity
  • Take picture of handheld or handheld hygrometer and in-home thermostat for irregularities
  • Turn down AC to test for cooling
  • Check hot water tank for leaks
  • Run water in sinks, showers and tubs
  • Run garbage disposal
  • Flush & brush all toilets (brushes in each bathroom provided by client or toilet sealed by client)
  • Check toilets & sinks for leaks or signs of water damage
  • Verify refrigerator and freezer are working properly
  • Water plants (charges may apply bases on number of plants)
  • Check circuit breaker box for signs of surge or tripped breakers
  • Check battery tender or trickle charger on car
  • Verify all doors and windows are securely locked
  • Turn off water main and send picture (unless requested left on with waiver signed)


Bret Carter has earned the designation of Certified Home Watch Professional.  This certification is through the National Home Watch Association requiring completion of a training curriculum and passing an examination based on the NHWA’s Best Practices as established by leading Home Watch Business owners throughout the US and Canada.

You can be assured that Bret is committed to excellence and upholds the highest of standard in the Home Watch Industry.

Here 4 You Home Watch uses the HomeWatchIT system for it’s reporting system.  You will receive a report upon completion of our check with GPS based location and timestamp for when we were at your home.  We can customize the digital check list you receive to add other services as needed. We want to make sure that you have peace of mind while your away and we are Here 4 You!

Some of Our Concierge Services

  • Opening up your House or Property for Owners to enjoy a stress-free arrival
  • Provide access for Guest or Renters to help them feel welcome & supported 
  • Closing down Your House after Owners, Guests or renters vacate
  • Grocery stocking prior to arrival Via delivery service curb side pick up or personal shopper style
  • Bring in packages that have been delivered to your property
  • Allowing approved access to vendors & service providers
  • Being present during repairs, installations or routine services
  • Mail Forwarding as requested
  • Light power washing (below roof line only)
  • Trash & Recycling Bins Service (place bins out to curb for pick up or bring bins in)
  • Auto care (battery tender set up and removal, taking car for services prior to your arrival)
  • In advance storm Preparation help 
  • Post storm check list 
  • Hurricane Shutters (plans & conditions apply based on availability)
  • Hurricane Shutter Services (conditions may apply) 

With so many unique needs, Here 4 You can customize your concierge needs.

Get The Details and Tell Us Your Concerns!

Our checks are customized to YOUR needs and industry best practices.  Please call us at 239-888-4566 or click the button below to send us a message

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